Quickensites SEO monitoring #1

By August 15, 2021SEO success

Hello visitors! Let me introduce my self first! My name is Niko and i have just bought this website from Flippa.com. Quickensites used to be mostly website for affiliate websites and dropshipping e-commerce website building.

That is something i was thinking about to start doing in Finland with concept i have never saw. As we include really high quality SEO services for a new business to get smooth start.

but then i were scrolling Flippa for other reason and saw this website.

Then i realized that why not, because:

a) With this website i can contact whole world

B) this website even let me create this SEO monitoring article series which i was about to create in my Finnish website.

In this SEO monitoring article serie we show for our visitors and customers our own SEO stats and improvements, which i haven’t seen any seo company or website design company doing and why they don’t do it? You can think about it.

Quickensites seo now

This article will be short and here i just show you quickensites seo rankings now 15.8.2021 when im about to start SEO work on website.

Backlink creation has already started, because this website has very satisfying base for good seo success.

The father of quickensites has made satisfying work with website design, but website has very critical and amateur mistakes with on page SEO.

Im going to custom this website all around to be our project, but there is a lot of work in front of me!

The seo monitoring article series #2 will be published in 1-2 weeks. Because we have old and well made website in our hands the google rankings and traffic will impact faster than to brand new sites.

quickensites seo 15.8.20201
  • Authority score 18 (thats good base to start)
  • Organic traffic 0
  • Keywords top100 worldwide 10
  • Best position 16

So, hopefully next time we even see more keywords at top 100, if not traffic. Everything you can increase in SEO moves you forward!

Thanks for reading an article and hopefully we see you later!

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