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The Drop-shipping model and how to use it to your advantage!

It's not a hidden fact that many eCommerce business owners are quickly adapting and practicing the new evolving drop-shipping system that suppliers are now offering. 

The problem? Not enough people knows about this! Mention drop-shipping to most, and they will most likely stare back at you as if you have three heads. So what is drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping: We'd like to call it "The Game Changer"!  It is a method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item directly from the supplier and have the supplier ship it directly to the customer.

Drop-shipping model explained

 Yup that's right! Remember all the dreadful stops you've had to make to the post office?  Well now you can forget about them and never do them again! And who can forget the headaches from having to pay high storage fees to store your products.

Now it's perfectly understandable to be asking yourself what the catch is or how reliable the system is. And the truth is, few suppliers are able to provide this service with reliability and trust. Most of the ones that do, as you can expect, they charge a fee. Which is why, our team here at Quicken'sites went to work and compiled a list of suppliers that:

1. Charge very low fees if not free

2. Are reliable and well known in their field

3. Provide fast shipping times & handling 

4. and last but not least, a supplier that provides excellent customer service.

Our suppliers will respect your business and your customers. To prove that, they remain anonymous to your customers. They promise not to be in contact with your customers or advertise to them in anyway. Your customers will never suspect a third party in the equation.

Still not convinced? Our suppliers will also provide you with high quality images that are free of watermark & description of their products to help you succeed!

Now that you have a better understanding of drop-shipping, we hope that you will put your knowledge to good use and benefit from it!